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indian_hill_hs's Journal

Indian Hill High
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indian_hill_hs is a roleplay centered on high school life. It is set in Ohio. All of these journals are fake.


+ Try and update your journal once a week. If you don't update within two weeks we will remind you to update and have three days to update then your cut. If we have to continually remind you to update we will assume your not into the community and you will be cut. If your not able to update let us know.
+ Go on AIM and actually IM people. Don't just sign on and put your away message up. I'll try and set up chats at least once every two weeks.
+ If someone starts out of character drama let me know and they'll probably get cut.
+ Try and rp with more than just one person. Storylines between the same two people get boring and annoying.
+ Picture and video posts are ok, as long as the entry has at least a paragraph with it. Also two word entries are annoying and dont count as legit entry.
+ To be sure that you read and agree to the rules, in the application where it asks first entry? answer with the name of your favorite band or musician.
+ Have a first, introductory entry up before applying. Have an interesting, original history for your character. Feel free to base your character off a person or movie, by original I mean lets try not to have everyone in the community have the same history. Slash and femme is allowed.
+ This is a high school role play community. Don't make rediculous drama. Pregnancies and marriages are allowed but lets not get crazy with it. Remember, most people live at home, with their family in high school. Not everyone in highschool is bisexual.
+ Have a journal made just for this rp community. Multiple characters are fine as long as you keep up with all of them. There is a maximum of 3 characters per person.
+ Include in your profile a picture of your character, their name, age, grade, and sexual orientation. Also have an icon for your journal.


Once you have applied please add this community and it's sub-communities.
ihhs_students a community for character bios and establishing character-to-character history.
ihhs_news a community for updates, announcements, and questions.